PTT Philippines Foundation Inc. present its newest project to help promote environmental protection


PTT Philippines Corp. (PTTPC), a subsidiary of Thailand’s biggest oil company, is stepping its commitment on environmental protection with its new “Gas Up for a Tree” project.

PTT says it teamed up with the Environment Department to plant at least 10,000 seedlings of fruit- bearing trees, dipteracarps—lawaan, apitong, narra, and other hardwood species in some 50 hectares of denuded land in Sitio Kanawan, Morong, Bataan.

Under the program, every purchase of P1,000 worth of PTT gasoline and diesel products commits PTT to plant one tree. The project aims to commit 10,000 trees in the next six months.

More than 100 Aeta families belonging to Magbukun tribe residing in the community will benefit from the greening project.

The two organizations, along with other project partners, including PTT’s corporate social responsibility arm PTT Philippines Foundation Inc., are set to sign a memorandum of agreement this month.


WHEN:Saturday, July 27, 2013
WHERE: Bataan Natural Park Kanawan, Morong, Bataan


PTT Edsa Veterans - #1023 EDSA, Veterans Village, Quezon City (Near LRT Roosevelt Station, Waltermart Munoz)

  1. Parking will be provided
  2. Bus will be provided from PTT Edsa Veterans - Bataan - PTT Edsa Veterans
  3. Meals will be provided - Lunch, AM/PM Snacks and Mineral Water


  1. Trekking Clothes/Shoes, HeadGears, Bags, Trousers, Towel, Extra Clothes, Long Sleeves and Pants/Leggings, Extra Mineral Water, Insect Repellant


4:30 AMAssembly Time at PTT EDSA Veterans
5:00 AMDeparture
7:30 AMETA at BNP Kanawan, Morong, Bataan
7:35 AMSecurity/Safety Briefing and Warm Up
7:40 AMStart of Trek
8:10 AMETA at Reforestation Site
8:20 AMTree Planting (at least 500-1000 seedlings of Kasuy, Langka, Guyabano, Narra, etc.)
10:00 AMTrek to Aeta Resettlement Area
10:05 AMETA at Aeta Resettlement Area
10:10 AMMagbukun Tribe Cultural Presentation
10:50 AMDeparture from Aeta Resettlement Area to BTPI
11:30 AMETA at BTPI
12:00 NNLunch at BTPI
1:30 PMDeparture to Manila
4:00 PMETA PTT EDSA Veterans, Quezon City

For more details and reservation of transportation seats, Please call (02) 884-8155 or 0905 276-8317 and look for Maica.

PTT Gas Up for A Tree DTI Mechanics

  1. The "Gas Up for a Tree" promo is available in all PTT retail stations nationwide.
  2. The promo period is from May 23, 2013 – August 23, 2013.
  3. Every PhP1,000.00 worth of gasoline/diesel products at PTT retail stations is equivalent to one tree to be planted under customer’s name by PTT in Bataan National Park.
  4. PTT products included in the promo are PTT Dynamic Diesel, PTT Superb Unleaded Gasoline, PTT Performa Premium Gasoline and PTT Tri-X Unleaded Gasoline.
  5. The customer may join the promo in two ways: (1) via single receipt purchase amounting to P1,000.00; (2) via accumulated purchases during promo period.
  6. A. Single Receipt Purchase
    1. In every single receipt purchase of PTT gasoline/diesel products amounting to at least P1,000.00, customer automatically gets the “Gas Up for a Tree” key chain which symbolizes his/her sponsored tree on the project.
    2. The customer needs to fill out the "Gas Up for a Tree" coupon with name, telephone number and/or email address (if any).
    3. In case the key chain is not available in time of redemption, customer may still get the key chain in his/her next visit at any PTT gasoline station. Customer just needs to present the receipt upon redemption.
    4. Customers may redeem items within the promo period or until 60 days after the last day of promo.
  7. B. Accumulated Purchases
    1. Any customer who gas up at any PTT retail station may request for a “Gas Up for a Tree” coupon from the attendant.
    2. For every PhP200.00 worth of gasoline/diesel products, the customer will be entitled to a leaf sticker.
    3. The customer needs to collect five leaf stickers to complete the “Gas Up for a Tree” coupon.
    4. Customer has to present the "Gas Up for a Tree" coupon for next purchases for placement of sticker by PTT station representative.
    5. Once completed, customer should submit the coupon with required details such as name, telephone number, and/or email address to any PTT retail station to receive the “Gas Up for a Tree” key chain which symbolizes his/her sponsored tree on the project.
    6. In case the key chain is not available in time of redemption, customer may still get the key chain in next visit at any PTT gasoline station. Customer just needs to present the receipt upon redemption.
    7. Customers may redeem items within the promo period or until 60 days after the last day of promo.

Per DTI NCR Permit No. 2349, Series of 2013


Are there restrictions on whom can join?
Everybody can join the promo. To avail of the souvenir key chain and to participate in the tree planting, the customer has to complete the 5 leaf stickers (equivalent to P 1000 fuel purchased). A purchase cost of P 200 will get them one leaf sticker while P 1000 will get them 5 leaf stickers to put on the coupons.

Is there a limit on how many times a customer can join? Or number of trees that can be planted on their behalf despite my frequent purchases? What kind of tree will be planted?
One coupon is equivalent to one tree. The more coupons that the customers complete, the more trees that will be planted in their name. The various seedlings are of narra, apitong, lawaan and other hardwood species.

For example, a customer purchased Php 1,500 worth of products? Do I just get 1 coupon or I get two? With the Php 500 excess qualify for two sticker leaves?
The customer will get two coupons. One with the completed 5 leaf stickers and another with only 2 leaf stickers (for the P 500 excess only). For every P 200 purchase, we give one leaf sticker.

For motorcycle/tricycle customers who would like to join, can they accumulate their purchases in order for them to qualify? They usually fill up P50 – P100.
Minimum order to avail of the coupon is P 200 (the equivalent amount of one leaf sticker). They can accumulate their purchases to reach that amount if they so wish.

Does this apply for lubes purchases?
This is the first time that we will be doing this CSR for our retail network and we want the mechanics to be simple. If the program is successful, we can also apply this to the lubes purchases for the next stage of the Gas Up for a Tree project .

Is the coupon station specific or customers can qualify for a sticker and claim the keychain anywhere?
As long as the coupon is complete with the requisite five leaf stickers, he can claim it at any PTT station. The customer will be required to surrender the completed coupon to the station along with the customer’s name, address and PTT station where he claimed the keychain.

How many coupons, stickers and keychains will be allocated per station? Who do we contact if we need to re-order collaterals? What is the delivery lead time? Who will deliver these items to our station? Will somebody check the inventory or is it the responsibility of the dealer?
We will be first giving each station an initial amount of 50% of the quantity of their marketing collateral allocation. The release of the remaining allocation will be dependent on the buying behavior / customer acceptance. The delivery lead time will be two weeks. The marketer in charge of the station will deliver these items to the station. Dealers can inform marketers if they need more items or they may call / email Ryan or Anna of Ad Dept directly. Inventory/safekeeping of the items shall be dealer’s responsibility.

When will the advertising collaterals be installed in the stations? Who will install these collaterals? Is there other literature to be provided?
Advertising collaterals are scheduled to be delivered one week before the start of the promo. For the stations that have already the advertising frame, the dealer will install these items themselves. For those stations with wall mounted 3m x 6m ad frame, a contractor will be dispatched to install these items. Promo posters, leaflets and flyers will be distributed to the stations also.

Do we have a share in the cost of the promo? If yes, how much?
Dealers do not have a share in the cost of the promo. This is all under PTTPC / PTT Foundation cost.

Will PTT provide for promo personnel that will assist in the forecourt area?

Will drop box be provided? If not, what do you suggest on how to control or safe keep the accomplished coupons?
There will be no drop box. The dealer will be the one to do the safekeeping of the accomplished coupons so he can also monitor the inventory movement of these items.

When will the tree planting take place? Can interested customers/parties join the event? Will there be a post event to showcase this program?
1st Tree Planting event is scheduled for the end of June. PTT thru our IT partner Wide Out Technologies, will send the email invitations to the customers and follow up their responses. The event will be attended by PTT employees, our partners, and other customers who are interested in joining the event.

Is there a hotline number or website for updates on the activity?
Our ad agency, THM/Confluence Asia, will put up a Gas Up for a Tree Facebook / Fanpage to give updates to the customers along with a link to our website.

Who will inform the customer that their name is already included in the database? What if I did fill up but I wasn’t informed that my name was already included? Is there a website where I can see a list of contributors?
Our IT partner, Wide Out Technologies will be tasked in informing the customers on their participation in the project. They will send out the email confirming the customer’s participation in the project and will set up the website to monitor/update the project.
Provide a guest book or poster per station, wherein all the names of qualified customers are listed and the number of trees they sponsored.

What will be proof that a tree was planted in the name of the customer?
Customers will be sent an email with a picture of the tree, geo-tagged with the location where it’s planted and a link to the Gas Up for a Tree website.

If I have excess coupons, sticker leaves and key chains, do I return these items or I can use it for giveaways?
For inventory purposes, excess coupons, sticker leaves and key chains should be initially returned for auditing.

What will the arrangement on the remittances/collection of the duly accomplished coupons and is there a receiving copy form of the turn over of the coupons
Marketers will be tasked in the collection of the duly accomplished coupons and once back here in the office, these coupons will be turned over to Wide Out Technologies for verification, encoding and email sending to the customers.

Who are the other sponsors, if any?
This promo is a project of the PTT Philippines Foundation in partnership with DENR, Kanawan Tribal Community of Morong, Mga Bayani ng Kalikasan Organization and Wide Out Technologies.

Is this activity DTI registered?(just if a customer does ask).
Yes. This activity has DTI registration.


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